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Corporate Relocation

Nationwide Real Estate & Relocation is your single contact professional network to relocate your employees and executives worldwide. Our professional network includes worldwide licensed/certified realtors, van lines, lenders, title insurance companies, closing companies/attorneys, home insurance, appraisers and home inspectors etc. Everything you need under, one umbrella, to insure luxury service for your entire relocation.

“With the economy recovering employee mobility is an essential attribute to seamlessly moving key staff into new roles. Having one firm managing all of their relocation requirements will limit the stress on families and motivate the employee concerned from day one”.

related expenses. To stay competitive in tight markets where there are few quality candidates for important company positions, or for jobs that require extremely rare qualifications, a company needs to manage its relocation package appropriately. Our lenders are trained and certified on the NHF grant to save you thousands on your new hires or relocating associates budget. Go here to learn more about free money grant saving your budgeting: NHF Platinum® Participant Guide

We offer a solution to lower your relocation expense, while increasing your executive or associates productivity. We are a single contact relocation network that facilitates the entire package, eliminating a large lump sum relocation bonus or reimbursements. Your corporate relocation is facilitated, negotiated, and audited, then submit to you for payment, saving time within your organization.

We are not a third party referring company. We are a management network that charges a flat monthly fee for your relocations.

Our professional network is not referring you to other suppliers for each step. All facilitation and communications is done in our corporate headquarters by our relocation expert operation staff.

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On average it costs $90,081 to move an existing employee who is a homeowner. An existing employee homeowner relocation costs more because it relates to the size of their home. Existing employee homeowners typically have a larger home which increases the costs of relocation benefits that relate to real estate and because their home is larger they also often have more stuff to ship using a household goods company which increases the price of the overall relocation as well.

On average it costs $69,020 to move a new hire employee who is a homeowner. Similar to existing employee homeowner relocation, a new hire homeowner relocation costs more than renter relocation because it relates to the size of their home. The new hire homeowner may not always need the full array of benefits that an existing employee homeowner needs on relocation and the costs to relocate these employees is less.

On average it costs $23,497 to move an existing employee who is a renter. An existing employee renter relocation typically costs considerably less than homeowner relocation because benefits related to real estate are not needed for these employees and because often times renters have less household goods to be moved which results in smaller moving costs.

On average it costs $20,168 to move a new hire employee who is a renter. A new hire employee renter relocation very closely resembles an existing employee renter relocation but with a little bit narrower scope of benefits.

NRER uses complete transparency in pricing and reporting to show our clients the true costs of each relocation. We bring the average costs of relocation down with single point of contact relocation program design that aligns our client’s relocation budget goals with their corporate talent goals.

Relocating an employee is a big investment for any company to make, and while relocation management fees are a very small part of those costs, NRER is always thinking of new ways to save its client’s money. In terms of reducing overall costs,  our lenders certified “for FREE money grant programs” as well as other cost cutting services, such as our preferred household goods provider with NRER corporate discounts, network providers have saved our clients well above 20% on each participating relocation. NRER brokers survey the home and submit to minimum of 3 major HHG carriers for van line transportation.